01-19-2021 and 01-26-2021 – Coaches Seminar via Zoom


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Coaching Seminar – The Perfect Goalie

Michael ‘MIZE’ Zellmer, 2 x Olympic Goalie for Germany

01/19/2021 and 01/26/2021

 12:30 pm to 2:00pm PST

In these two 90 min coaching sessions via zoom or in person MIZE will provide your coaches with the tools they need to support the goalkeepers on your team.

  • The Perfect Goalie – Philosophy
  • Identification of typical goalkeeper mistakes
  • Key strategic thoughts
  • … and the most important practice aspects.

This is an amazing opportunity for Clubs and High Schools that want to further educate their coaches and give their goalies the attention they deserve – especially if your athletes don’t have access to specific goalie coaching.


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