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WP Goalie Combo – T-Shirt & Goalie Cap – XquiX Store

WP Goalie Combo – T-Shirt & Goalie Cap


The Goalie Cap “Style Selection” is made to make you feel and look cool and special – just like goalies are! Combine one of the exclusive goalie caps with your stylish “The Perfect Goalie” shirt.

Delfina caps are the most durable and form-fitting on the market.

Goalie caps are available in

  • Fierce Lion
  • Crazy Joker
  • Demoniac Devil
  • Barbaric Bear
  • USA Eagle



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Size (S, M,…)

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Cap Design

Barbaric Bear, Crazy Joker, Demoniac Devil, Fierce Lion, USA Eagle


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